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Welcome dice rollers

Magic Dice is a collection of 2222 computationally generated dice NFTs that grant holders access to special rewards.

Our story

Our vision for Magic Dice is to be more than just a collection of NFTs. It is a group of lost but not forgotten souls who are collaboratively going to make it. We are all about community empowerment and are happy that you’re here to join us. The Dice Lord watches over us all.

Ownership benefits

Entry to major lottery draw

Weekly royalty lotteries

Exclusive dice holder club and DAO

Whitelist access to next major projects


Phase 1 (New Rollers)
Assignment of Whitelist and OG roles
Special contests and giveaways on Discord server
Marketing and project promotions
Phase 2 (Rollout)
Whitelist mint launch
Public mint launch
Phase 3 (Secondary Market and PaperHand Tax)
Listing on MagicEden
Implementation of paper hands tax for sales below mint price
Phase 4 (Prize)
33% of mint profits will be used for a lottery draw with 3 winners once project has sold out
Royalty tax on MagicEden sales
Phase 5 (Continuation)
Further partnerships and collaborations
Dice V2

Meet the team






Artist & Developer


Website Developer

Speedy Roll

Community Manager

Join our community

Community is first and foremost. Come join our growing Discord community to stay up to date with the latest announcements and make new friends! Early supporters will always be rewarded with future project alpha.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a magic dice?
How many magic dice are there?
What are these rewards?
Are they random?
When is the launch date?
What wallets are supported?
What is the price of a magic dice?
How much can I mint?
Magic Dice